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API - Model 1608 & The BOX

API - Model 1608 & The BOX

Recall for larger format analog consoles can be a particularly daunting task, and one that frequently robs artists and engineers of productive studio time.  Of course, our goal is to remedy this long-standing issue.

These last few days, our efforts have targeted the development of interfaces to support the API Model 1608 and "The BOX" consoles which have achieved worldwide fame for both their legendary tone and versatility, but have fairly limited on-board recall capabilities.

Our interfaces for both consoles have been designed for easy customization, allowing us to match the unique configurations of any user and their channel-specific 500 series slot assignments.

To begin with, we're offering immediate support for the 'stock' channel configurations that are shipped with these desks.  That said, we'll gladly configure channels to suit the specific needs of our paid subscribers at no additional cost (some exceptions may apply).


API - Model 1608 input channel with 550A EQ

API - Model 1608 input channel with 560 EQ

API - Model 1608 Echo Send-Return Masters 1-4

API - Model 1608 Bus Masters

API - The BOX input channel 1

API - The BOX summing channels 1-4

Stay tuned for more gear coming online almost daily, including the much anticipated API Legacy and Legacy Plus console interfaces.


Chris Henning


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