D.W. Fearn PDB Passive Direct Box

D.W. Fearn PDB

  • $350.00

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The D.W. Fearn PDB Passive Direct Box is a lower-cost alternative to the VT-I/F Vacuum Tube DI.  This single-channel DI uses the top-of-the-line Jensen direct box transformer in a heavy-duty steel box, finished with the same high-quality paint as every other D.W. Fearn product.

The PDB features dual 1/4-inch phono jacks for instrument and amp, a Neutrik gold-contact male XLR output connector, and a ground lift switch.

The PDB is ideal for recording any electric instrument such as bass, electric guitar, keyboards, etc.  The high impedance input is designed to properly match any instrument designed to normally feed a guitar amp.  The output is 150 ohms, balanced, at mic level.

Please Note:  The PDB is built to order and typically ships in 2-3 weeks.  Orders for the PDB cannot be canceled and are not eligible for returns.

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