Chameleon Labs 581

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Contact:  Chris H. (615) 417-1733
Hours:  9am to 6pm (Pacific), Monday - Saturday

The Chameleon Labs 581 is a 500-series mic preamp/DI reminiscent of classic "holy grail" console preamps and boasting incredible clarity and remarkably solid low-end, making it a great choice for everything from kick drums to vocals.  This unit has a remarkable sonic character that, frankly, you wouldn't expect in a preamp at this price point.  A fantastic value!


  • Custom Line Transformer
  • Fully-balanced Transformer Mic Input
  • Discrete Class AB Circuit
  • Selectable impedance - 300 or 1200 ohms
  • Phantom Power
  • LED Metering (Power, Signal, +4dB, Peak)

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