D.W. Fearn LP-1 Two-Channel Line Pad

D.W. Fearn LP-1

  • $175.00

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The D.W. Fearn LP-1 Line Pad is a two-channel accessory for use with the VT-1 or VT-2 Microphone Preamplifiers.  It's simply a high-quality bridging-type pad that accepts line-level inputs (+4 dBm nominal) and produces a mic level output.  The actual pad loss is 45 dB.  When used in conjunction with the VT-1 or VT-2 Input Pad (-20 dB), it allows the mic preamp to accommodate line-level signals from consumer level (-10 dBV) to high professional levels (+10 dBm or more).

Please Note:  The LP-1 is built to order and typically ships in 2-3 weeks.  Orders for the LP-1 cannot be canceled and are not eligible for returns.

IMPORTANT:  The LP-1 is not a "direct box".  In most applications, the LP-1 cannot be used to record instruments (ex. electric bass, synthesizer, etc.).  For direct recording, you need either the VT-I/F Vacuum Tube DI or the D.W. Fearn Passive Direct Box.

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