Hazelrigg Industries VLC-1

  • $3,400.00

Call for lowest price!

Hand-built by the same masterful hands that bring you all D.W. Fearn products, the VLC-1 was specifically developed as a lower cost alternative to the now discontinued D.W. Fearn VT-15.

Utilizing the preamp and power supply of D.W. Fearn's renowned VT family preamps, the VLC-1 is a formidable front end with plenty of raw gain, extraordinary headroom, and a nicely-voiced inductor EQ.  It's understandable how the VLC-1 has already become a mainstay of top engineers and producers for capturing larger-than-life vocals and the full depth and clarity of acoustic instruments.  Of course, the VLC-1 is equally at home come mix-down, whether on the insert of the lead vocal channel or used in pairs on the master buss, this unit is well-suited to a great many tasks.

In short, the Hazelrigg brothers have crafted a fantastic unit that delivers exceptional build quality and top-tier sonic characteristics at a very affordable price point.

Please Note:  The VLC-1 is built to order and typically ships in 2-3 weeks.  Orders for the VLC-1 cannot be canceled and are not eligible for returns.


  • Microphone / Line / DI Preamplifier, LC Equalizer
  • Amplifier and power supply designed and licensed by D.W. Fearn
  • Transformer coupled input and output
  • All-tube signal path
  • Passive EQ
  • Custom-wound inductor
  • Dedicated line input
  • Front panel Mic/DI input
  • Locking +48V safety switch
  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY (90 days for vacuum tubes)
  • Built in the USA

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