Mercury 66 Limiting Amplifier

Mercury 66 Limiting Amplifier

  • $7,660.00

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The Mercury 66 Limiting Amplifier is an all tube, all transformer, fully balanced variable-bias limiter based on the legendary Fairchild 660.  Many manufacturers have tried to copy the Fairchild circuit, but have failed to capture the sonic essence and tonality of the original... until now.

Mercury Recording Equipment has gone to extraordinary lengths to recreate the sonic and aesthetic majesty of the original Fairchild, while offering the reliability of a modern build.  Like all Mercury products, the Mercury 66 has no ICs (chips), is proudly built in the USA using no-compromise components, and has transformer balanced inputs and outputs. 


  • Exceptional tone and musical focus
  • Absence of audible 'thumps', distortion or noise
  • Extremely fast attack times that can reach full limiting in 1/5000th of a second
  • Variable release time from 0.3 seconds to 25 seconds
  • Useful as a limiter or compressor depending on the program material and control settings
  • Reliable and stable - all components operate well below their rated maximums
  • All tube, fully balanced (push-pull) transformer couple circuitry
  • Simple, easy to use controls

Please Note:  The Mercury 66 Limiting Amplifier is built to order - please call for estimated delivery times.  Orders for the Mercury 66 cannot be canceled and may not be returned. 

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