Mercury G8 Sum-It

  • $559.00

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The G8 Sum-It is an 8:2 passive summing mixer for your Mercury G810 Rack System.  It's simple to operate, flexible, and extremely convenient in tracking and mixing scenarios.

Example Applications:

  • Tracking:  Sum 8 tracks down to 2 when a limited number of DAW inputs are available
  • Tracking:  Sum multiple microphones together for mono, dual-mono or stereo applications
  • Mixing:  Sum 4 stereo stems from your DAW down to L/R

The best feature of the Mercury G8 Sum-it is that it is passive.  It was designed to use the Mercury M72s, M76m or GPQ15s studio microphone amplifiers as the two-buss amplifiers, but can be used in conjunction with any preamplifier with 34dB of gain.  This allows you to change the tone of your recording/mixing with minimal fuss.

IMPORTANT!  The G8 Sum-it is a proprietary module that will only work with the Mercury G810 Rack System.  If you have any questions about this unit or the G810 Rack System, we are glad to help... give us a call!

Note:  The G8 Sum-it usually ships in 1-2 business days.

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