Studio recall has finally gone digital.

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What is Patchrat?

Patchrat is a standardized solution for managing studio documentation and recall data in an all-digital workspace. Say good-bye to hand-written notes, annotated printouts of gear faceplates, skewed and distorted photos... and disconnected data. Patchrat features include:
Project Management

Create, copy, search, store, and recall song-specific data at the press of a button.

Gear Settings

Photorealistic touch interfaces let you collect and recall gear settings with the utmost speed and accuracy.

Signal Routing

Manage path-specific gear assignments and I/O routing at the press of a button. (No text entry required.)

Specs & Manuals

In-app access to product specs and manuals aid in fast and effective decision-making and troubleshooting.

iCloud Sync

Safeguard your data via iCloud sync.

Stellar Support

We're committed to support our users through prompt response times, quick turnaround on gear requests and ongoing feature development.


"Patchrat is an unparalleled solution..."

"I can't wait to implement Patchrat into my daily workflow."

", great work! The look and feel is top notch."

"...thorough and straightforward...brilliant..."

"This is a thing of beauty..."

Patchrat in Action

Patchrat creator, Chris Henning, presents a video overview of Patchrat’s core features and functionality.

The Songboard

Where it all starts...the Songboard is where you create and manage the songs and project folders you will be working with. Deeper features include sorting controls for both the main and folder views, song duplication, and iCloud import/export.

Signal Flow

Patchrat allows for an unlimited number of signal paths to be created for each song.  Furthermore, each path can contain an unlimited number of devices.  Devices can either be selected from Patchrat’s gear inventory or you can add your own custom devices.

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