studio documentation and recall... simplified.


Studio documentation and recall... simplified.


Studio documentation and recall... simplified.


Studio documentation and recall... simplified.



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Let’s face it... studio documentation and recall can be a tedious and time-consuming proposition. That’s why we developed Patchrat - a cloud-based solution that finally makes it possible to manage essential project data within an all-digital mobile workspace. No more hand-written notes, photocopies, cryptic renderings of gear faceplates - no more disconnected data.
Studio Inventory

Create and manage a virtual equipment inventory that mirrors your real-world work environment - including instruments, amps & stompboxes, microphones, mic panels, consoles, outboard gear, DAW systems, recorders and more...

Project Management

Create, copy, search, store, and recall your song files and project folders with ease.  (No photocopier required.)

Signal Routing

DAW-like functionality lets you manage path-specific gear assignments and I/O routing at the press of a button. (No text entry.)

Gear Specs and Manuals

In-app access to manufacturers' specs and product manuals allows for fast and effective decision-making and troubleshooting.  We've even included links to manufacturer websites should you need visit them.

Gear Settings

Hyper-accurate and photo-realistic interfaces allow you to collect and recall gear settings with the utmost speed and precision.

Need to document a rare or unique device not yet available in the Patchrat database?  Don't panic... Simply add a custom device to your signal path and use the photos and notes features to capture settings info.

Filesharing and Backups

Back up your work, save your settings and share via the Cloud.


"Patchrat is an unparalleled solution..."

"I can't wait to implement Patchrat into my daily workflow."

", great work! The look and feel is top notch."

"...thorough and straightforward...brilliant..."

"This is a thing of beauty..."

Take it for a spin!

Download the free, full-featured version of Patchrat for iOS/iPad. (no credit card required)

Patchrat in Action

Patchrat creator, Chris Henning, presents a video overview of Patchrat’s core features and functionality.

The Songboard

Where it all starts...the Songboard is where you create and manage the songs and project folders you will be working with. Deeper features include sorting controls for both the main and folder views, song duplication, and iCloud import/export.

Signal Flow

Patchrat allows for an unlimited number of signal paths to be created for each song.  Furthermore, each path can contain an unlimited number of devices.  Devices can either be selected from Patchrat’s gear inventory or you can add your own custom devices.

Gear Settings

Patchrat comes stocked with a gear inventory of 325+ units representing 88+ manufacturers and counting. New gear being added every week. And if you can't find what you're looking for, there's the ability to create custom gear for your personal gear inventory. Its the perfect solution for studio documentation because you can quickly access equipment spec sheets, manuals and guides for all gear in the inventory.