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"Excellent software. The best solution to document and recall your session."

Luis Berrios | LB Mastering Studios

"You guys are f*%@ing lifesavers!"

Daniel B. | Patchrat Customer

"Simply awesome. Once you have it, you'll never work without it."

Scott Eric Olivier | Casa Distortion

"...wow, great work!  The look and feel is top notch."

Rick Senechal | Audio Lead @ Microsoft Production Studios

"This is a thing of beauty..."

Brett Allen | Snow Ghost Music

"thorough and straightforward... brilliant"

Shane D. Wilson | GRAMMY and Dove Award winning engineer

"Patchrat is an unparalleled solution."

Aaron Swihart | GRAMMY winning engineer & educator

"Thank-you for everything. Such a great tool. You have a lifetime client in me."

Andy Reed | Reed Recording Co.

"Thanks for all the good work you've done with Patchrat. I really enjoy using the app!"

Orlando Ferrer | Diffusonix Recording

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Studio Inventory

Configure your personal studio inventory in a matter of minutes:  mics, mic panels, amps & effects, consoles, outboard gear and more.... 


Project Management

Create, copy, search, store, and recall your song-specific data at the press of a button.


Signal Routing

Manage path-specific gear assignments and I/O routing at the press of a button (no text entry).


Gear Settings

Photorealistic touch-interfaces allow you to document and recall gear settings with the utmost speed and accuracy.


Specs & Manuals

In-app access to product specs and manuals supports fast and effective decision-making and troubleshooting.


Stellar Support

We're committed to supporting our users through prompt response times, quick turnaround on gear requests and ongoing feature development.

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product updates

Rupert Neve Designs - 5088 (Part 2)

Rupert Neve Designs - 5088 (Part 2)

Part 2 of 3... As promised, here are the Rupert Neve Designs 5088 - Input Channels.  Mono and Stereo interfaces are available in both Shelford Blu...
Rupert Neve Designs - 5088  (Part 1)

Rupert Neve Designs - 5088 (Part 1)

I'm very excited to announce that Patchrat now offers recall support for the much lauded Rupert Neve Designs 5088 Analogue Mixer.  This desk is inc...
API - Model 1608

API - Model 1608

Following up on my previous post, here's a closer look at the API - Model 1608.  As with the API "The BOX" recall interfaces, we've designed the in...
API - The Box

API - The Box

Console recall can be a particularly daunting task - one that frequently robs artists and engineers of productive studio time, not to mention peac...
Fairman TMC & TMEQ

Fairman TMC & TMEQ

A recent request to build interfaces for the Fairman TMC and TMEQ admittedly had me scratching my head as this was a product line I’d never heard ...
Patchrat v1.1 Update

Patchrat v1.1 Update

Patchrat v1.1 is a major update that introduces significant new product features, feature improvements and bug fixes. New and improved features......


Installation & Account Setup

Installation & Account Setup

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